Our Learning

Awahou School believes in creating a generation of ‘Kaitiaki’, developing children who can think for themselves and others, who can create and imagine, who are strong in their literacy and numeracy, and who can navigate the challenges of the world with intrinsic motivation and a strength of character derived from a strong sense of self and resilience; to be emotionally intelligent, self-initiators, reflective of themselves and others, strong and articulate communicators with a realistic sense of themselves and others. Students are given a voice and the tools they need to make informed decisions in regards to their learning and development on a daily basis. Awahou School strives to embed the resilience, self-management and grit they will require to succeed in any setting they participate within, no matter how big or how small. Each and every child will have quality and consistent one to one time with their teacher to ensure that no one slips through the gaps and is able to reach their full potential both academically and developmentally. Student Leadership is an essential part of the day to day running of the school, as the tuakana-teina relationship is firmly embedded. Students are taught about collective responsibility and encouraged that they can make a difference at any level. Awahou School provides opportunities for students to make a difference within their own community and apply this to the wider world.